Children Talk: It’s All About Jesus


(Yesterday as I was thinking about what I wanted to share for children talk, I imagined that if I were to pass away the very next day that this would be the one message I would want the children to hear. I would want them to know that Jesus is THE most important thing. Jesus, and the message of the Gospel. Those two things.)

Main point: It’s all about JESUS. Without Jesus we have nothing. It’s not the same without him. He is the most important thing to all we believe.

Props: Oreo cookie, Banana, Cheeseburger, Plate and Tea towel to hold food items, Pillow, bag to hide pillow

Script:  Good morning church 🙂 Good morning children

(Whisper) God is good?

All the time. And all the time? God is good 😀 Fantastic.

Who here went back to school this week? (Show of hands from children)

Remember last week during children talk how I asked everyone to think of one friend at school who didn’t yet believe in Jesus so we could pray for them? Who saw that friend at school this week?

Awesome! How great is that? To know that God is working in our friends’ lives? WOW. I just want to encourage you. Don’t stop praying for them. Continue to do that. Because God is going to help them believe in Jesus one day. I know because I’ve seen it happen to one of my friends.

Okay this morning I want to show you something. I have (volunteer) up here to help me.

I’ve brought along 4 objects. (Volunteer holds up plate with items covered by the tea towel. Uncover the plate.)

What’s the first object? An oreo.

The second? Banana. Third? A cheeseburger.

I’m going to do something with these objects now.

(Begin to take out the most important bits)

Oreo cookie (Take out the cream with plastic knife) I don’t want this part, do you think I should throw it away?

Banana (Take out the banana, keep the peel) How about the banana? I just want the peel.

Cheeseburger (Take out the patty and filling. Keep the bread. Or take out the burger and keep the wrapping). I don’t need that, I just need the outside

My pillow (Take out the stuffing) I’m just gonna use it like this.

Wait. Why can’t I do that? What did I do to all these four objects?

Took away the most important parts.

That’s right. I shouldn’t have done that because it’s not the same without the most important parts.

Now I want to ask you, what is the most important thing about being a Christian?

The most important thing is this one person.


Without Jesus we would not have church, the Bible, the Good News, or Christianity

Even in the words Christian, Christianity, Disciple, there is Jesus.




Without Christ we would not be Christians, Not have Christianity, Or even be disciples. Because who are we following? Jesus!

It’s all about JESUS.

Can we say that together?


Without Jesus we have nothing. Just like if we take out the patty, we don’t have a burger, we just have bread. If we take out Jesus we don’t have Christianity. We don’t have Discipleship, we don’t have church.


Let’s ask God to help us remember that it’s all about Jesus and to focus on him as the most important thing in our lives.

Close in prayer for the children: Dear Father God, thank you so much that you have given us the most important thing. That is, your Son Jesus Christ. To die for our sins. Without him we have nothing, we are nothing. Would you just help us now not to forget and be distracted by other things. Help us to keep him at the centre of our lives. In Jesus’ precious and mighty name, AMEN.


Children Talk: Godly Conversations

Bonjour my fellow servants of the Kingdom.

Often I’m in charge of the Sunday morning Children Talk at my church where I get the opportunity to share a quick 5 minute message directed to the children.

I used to scrabble last minute and search google desperately for a short children’s sermon to share on Sunday morning.

Preferably the message had to include an object, something to keep the children’s attention of course. But amongst the requests for objects to be included, mini skits, performances, and all the fancy stuff, what I really wanted was just to preach a sermon, albeit a short one, for the children.

And so ever since, that’s been my philosophy going into children talk. Because children are more than capable of rising to the challenge. They UNDERSTAND. It’s the pygmalion effect y’know? And why shy away from topics like sin, repentance or hell? Simplifying doesn’t have to mean dumbing it down.

I wanted to start posting all the messages I have shared in the past, some were last minute concoctions from my own brain, inspired by the Spirit of God. Some borrowed from Google, a book, or a YouTube video.

I hope these can be of use to you.

Here was last Sunday’s Children Talk:



Main Point: Having godly conversations with each other is an essential part of discipleship (Discipleship being pushing one another to follow Christ).

Props: A Powerpoint slide with pictures of letters, a telephone, the FaceBook logo, text messages and a mouth. And Hebrews 10:24-25 NIV.

Script: Good morning church! Good morning children! How is everyone? Good? That’s good! Y’know what? I want to teach you something new this morning. Maybe some of you have heard of it before.

What I want you to do is after I say “God is good” I want you to say “All the time.”

God is good? All the time.

And when I say All the time, I want you to say God is good!

All the time? God is good!

God is good. all the time, and all the time God is good! Now you can say that to all your friends. Instead of a hello, you could go “God is good?” “All the time” Try that now with the person next to you.

So this morning I have pictures of some things, what do you think they might all have in common? (Letter)(Telephone)(Facebook logo)(Text message image)(Picture of a mouth)

We use all these things to communicate or to talk to others.

Who here likes talking? Who here likes listening more?

Talking? Listening?

Well a lot of us like talking, what do you like talking about? movies? music? school? ourselves?

Well that’s awesome, I just want to encourage everyone this morning, God has made us to love talking to each other. But most of all he created us so that we should love talking about him.

And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds, not giving up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing, but encouraging one another—and all the more as you see the Day approaching

– Hebrews 10:24-25 NIV

That’s a key part of discipleship, of pushing each other to love God. Having godly conversations. Talking about God to each other. As well as talking to God ourselves he wants us to talk about him with each other. What are some things we could ask our brothers and sisters about God? (What book of the bible are you reading? What’s your favourite worship song? What have you been praying about?)

Who wants to challenge themselves to encourage their friends to love God more?

Let’s pray

Close in Prayer for the Children: Dear Father God, we just want to thank you so much that you are the centre of all we live, breathe and do. You are worthy of all our worship, praise and conversation. We know that you gave given us the gift of talking, so would you just direct our conversations to be focused upon you. Help us to encourage one another and spur each other  towards love and good deeds. We want to bring glory to you. So Holy Spirit please come and work in our hearts. We pray in Jesus’ name, AMEN.